Hello Guys This Is A Torrent.
This Works On Eu And Usa.

Download Resident Evil 5 PKG

Download The Game

Step 1 Download The Game (No Splitter Needed)
Step 2 Unrar It To Your Usb
Step 3 Go Open ComgenieAwesome
Step 4 Go To dev_hdd0
Step 5 Create a folder Named PS3_GAME
Step 6 Go In PS3_GAME And Create A Folder Named RE5_GE
Step 7 It Should Look Like This dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/RE5_GE/
Step 8 Go The Your Full Game And Go To USRDIR
Step 9 Put Your nativePS3 In dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/RE5_GE/
Step 10 Go To dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/RE5_GE/nativePS3
Step 11 Delete Package.bin

Online Tut Coming Soon.

Note U May Use Ftp Server.
I Found This On PS3ISO But This Is Easyer

Game Id BLUS-30491 (Works For Eu To Just Dont Care About The ID)